Health Coaching

Health Coaching Program is a service for those looking for support and guidance to make real lifestyle changes. The program has 3 or 6  months  where we work together to reach your health goals. Respect for your lifestyle and cultural individuality is as important as changing eating habits. The main goal here is to find your balance in life and to experience more energy. Improving your health and many other positive things happen when we take good care of ourselves.

If you just need help to fix a meal plan or a quick orientation in healthy eating maybe a Holistic Nutrition Consultation fits your needs. 

Cooking Classes 

That is my soul service. I just love to teach others how to cook, share healthy tasty recipes and teach people how easy and simple delicious and nutritious food can be.

Cooking healthy yummy food is simple! The Kitchen is the heart of your home and it is home that defines who you are. Joy and Happy cooking is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.

Teaching how much pleasure you can find in preparing a flavourful meal is my mission here. 

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Private Chef 

Private chef is a versatile service. 

I can go to your house to prepare healthy yummy meals for you and your family, so all you need to do is heat it up  and have your colofull, balanced dinner easier then ever. In addition to this, I can also help you to set up a meal plan for the week so you don't loose time to prepare nutritious food after busy days.

I can also  work with you to prepare healthy delicious dinner for special occasions so everyone can enjoy a healthy festive flavourful meal. 


Other Services

Holistic Nutrition session where we discuss your main concerns about your health and lifestyle, so I can advise you to a practical dietary change, fix a meal plan and  advise you in your health path. 

Groceries Shopping Tours where I can teach you how to make better choices when grocery shopping, based on your eating habits and nutrition goals. Learn how to figure out labels and make better choices is one of the biggest steps towards health.