What is the Marinola Way of Life?

It's about Eating Colourful, Finding Joy and Balance, and Profiting from Everything in your Life.

Eat Colourful


Some would say "eat your greens" other would recommend to "eat clean". For me it's always about colours.

Colours in your plate, means colour in your life.

After all, we are truly what we eat, so let's eat the colours we want for our lives.

Joy and Balance


There is no law without an exception and life is plenty of them. 

It's about food and movement. It's about loving ourselves and finding our balance to learn what we can achieve; Overcoming our own limitations and finding our best selves every day.

Learn how to enjoy life without missing out and achieve maximum health and energy! 


Life Profit


Life profit means a fully balanced and joyful life.

Learning how to manage our lives and avoid wastes! 

Creating consciousness of ourselves means to find out what brings us joy and the place we take in the world so we can set priorities and use our energy for what truly matters to us.   

A Waste Less lifestyle leads us to a full profit from everything in our lives. Let's not waste our time, our food, our money nor our lives!