This is our first contact and all I want today is to explain what I am doing here.

Lifestyle Coach/Healthy Chef/Nutrition Advisor, with a holistic approach. Those therms define my work here and big part of who I am.  

What comes to your mind when you read the words Nutrition/Health/Holistic?

 Meal Plans? Being Fit? Diet? Restriction? 

I guess that those are the words that cross your mind now and every time you read a Health article, watch a video on youtube about "clean" eating or started following a health guru on Instagram.

I want to change that weird concept that connects being fit with being healthy. Not that I think it’s bad to be fit but lets talk about diet and "clean" eating and how it doesn’t fit my work.

I Believe Health is much more than being perfectly slim or having the gorgeous abs.

Health is what most people seam to have forgotten lately. it’s about being energised by our food, it’s about having fun eating real food. Health is about being able to enjoy life.

Health is guilt free, it’s loving yourself rather than your strong abs.

Today’s world pushes us to our limit every single day. We must work hard for our career, be social, outgoing and sportive and never forget to be active on social media.

After all that, I am not surprised when it seems too much to cook your own dinner, be mindfulness or find time for yoga. Sound just too much, right?

These busy days often let us forget the most important task in life: stay healthy.

We have to stop waiting  for a less stressful day, that will probably never come, to start changing our habits. Whatever you need to compromise, don’t let it be your health! Focusing in staying healthy will put things in perspective and make even the busiest days less stressful. 

But finally how to start the health journey in and effective way? What can we do then to improve your lifestyle? Taking baby steps and adding in our daily routine just small real changes. One step at the time.

Health is just about finding the best version of yourself.

Don’t worry about too much carbs or not enough protein or if saturated fat is good or bad for you. It’s about eating real food, less package, it’s about finding time for pleasure, enjoying a piece of cake on the birthday of your friend(not feeling guilty!!!) and above all loving what you see on the mirror, aiming health for self love.

Accepting that eating better is not linked to restriction and weight loss but it is highly related to living a quality long life, full of pleasure and energy, is the first baby step for this amazing Health Journey. 

Let’s cook it healthy!

Let’s enjoy our food!

Let’s feel great!

Let's move!

hugs and nuts / kale kisses / broccoli hugs / beets of love