Marinola is a nutrition company founded by a Brazilian Nutrition Consultant, Health Coach and Trained Chef based in Luxembourg with a lifelong passion for food. 


My way here started a long time ago, growing up in a family where joyful moments were spent around a table whith homemade meals, whole nutritious food and plenty of flavour. 

It was no surprise then when I decided to become a trained chef

After a few years working as a pastry chef, I started with nutrition studies. In the beginning it was just one more curiosity about food but soon it became my biggest passion and made me question what I was actually offering to people in terms of health. That was when I decided to change my career but always keeping my heart in the kitchen. 

As a Nutrition Consultant and Health Coach I learned how to guide people to find their balance in nutrition and life.  It's not only about loosing the extra weight, it's about finding out our best version, rediscovering pleasure in food and enjoying life.  

My philosophy? Making Health joyful and easy.

It's all about eating colorful real food, and letting go of the old addiction to refined foods!

Respecting your individuality and eating habits it's my main concern to make your changes, permanent. 

How can I do that for you?